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    DCS Radio IP srs1.flag.blue:5014

    Teamspeak pass RayGun

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              Base is under attack | closed | repairing | has active interceptors.
              Pilot is connected to DCS Radio. Pilot role is GCI/AWACS.
              You can mouse over things to get coordinates.
              If the server is not shown in the 2.5 server list, the IP is
              This page will auto refresh, no need to mash the F5 key to get up-to-date results.

              Top Fighter Pilots
              ucid Name A/A Kills
              Rounds Won

              Tour Pilots

              Aircraft Kills
              Ground Unit Kills
              Most Used Blue Airframes
              Airframe Flight Time
              Most Used Red Airframes
              Airframe Flight Time
              Top Attacker Pilots
              ucid Name A/G Kills
              Top Logistics
              ucid Name Logistic Runs
              Top Aircrafts
              Name Air Kills Ground Kills Deaths
              Top Fighter Pilots
              ucid Name Air Kills
              Top Aircrafts
              Name Air Kills Ground Kills Deaths
              Top Attacker Pilots
              ucid Name Ground Kills
              Top AA Streaks
              ucid Name Air Streak
              Top Total Streaks
              ucid Name Total Streak
              Top AG Streaks
              ucid Name Ground Streak
              ucid Name Sorties Map Era Aircraft Kills Ground Kills Total Kills Landings Deaths AAKD AGKD KD SKD SL

              A/A Kills:

              number of shoot down aircraft

              A/G Kills:

              number of destroyed ground units


              number of logistic runs (fuel/repair)


              number of transport missions (troops/units)

              K/D Ratio:

              number of kills to deaths ratio

              S/L Ratio:

              number of sorties (flights) to landing successfully ratio

              Flight Time

              Current Total Streak

              Best Total Streak

              Best A/A Streak

              Best A/G Streak

              Ace Factor

              Pilot Overview

              Sorties Map Era Aircraft Kills Ground Kills Total Kills Landings Deaths AAKD_Ratio AGKD_Ratio KD_Ratio SKD_Ratio SL_Ratio

              Flights Information

              Flight ID Takeoff Time Airframe End Event Coalition Kills Killer Flight ID Killer Name Killer Airframe

              Kills Information

              Flight ID Kill Time Killer Side Killer Unit Victim Name Victim Side Victim Unit Weapon

              Streaks Information

              Streak ID Streak Start Time Streak End Time A/A Streak A/G Streak Total Streak

              Logistics & Transport Information

              ID Event Time Airframe Coalition Map Era Action Subject Fuel Latitude Longitude

              Airframes Information

              Airframe Flight Time Sorties Kills Landed Deaths SL Ratio

              Ace Factor Log

              Kill ID Killer Name Victim Name Killer Unit Victim Unit Killer Init AF Victom Init AF Killer Result AF Victim Result AF Win Multiplier


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